On Monday 30th September 2019 Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe launched A Walk – garden installation in Richmond Barracks.  A Walk, was designed by artist Joanne Byrne and fabricated from corten steel by A.D.Design.  This installation traces the steps taken by the 1916 Rising leaders across the former Officers’ Square of Richmond Barracks to their court- martial trials.

Joanne Byrne, who has a background  in graphic design, was drawn to a typographic approach and was inspired by an 1892 diary entry by Countess Markievicz  who wrote, “Nature should provide me with something to live for, something to die for”.  Joanne stated, “It really resonated with me, I felt its sentiment was very personal yet universal in a way that could convey the motivations, hopes and fears of all those who walked to their court-martial. The reference to nature felt fitting given the garden setting.”

Photographer: Damien Maddock

Group Photo – From Left: Anthony Byrne, IUNVA Pipe Band, Dermot O’Connor (Dublin Brigade History Group in British Army uniform), Una Kavanagh, Anú Productions (dressed as Countess Markievicz), Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe, Paul Callery (Dublin Brigade History Group in Irish Volunteer uniform), Joanne Byrne (artist)