We are very grateful to Honor O Brolchain, who has donated two precious letters from her family archive.

Honor’s grand uncle, Joseph Plunkett, (1887-1916) the youngest 1916 leader, was arrested and held in Richmond Barracks. He was kept in the Gymnasium at the barracks,  tried in the Officers’ Block on May 3rd 1916 and was then executed in Kilmainham Gaol on May 4th 1916.

These  two moving letters sent from Joseph Plunkett’s parents, who were also held in Richmond Barracks in May 1916, to Josephine (Fiona) and Geraldine (Gerry), two of their daughters. His parents, wrote both these letters after their son Joseph had been executed and after their two younger sons, George (1894-1944) and John (1897-196) had been deported to Portland and Lewes Jails

From Josephine Plunkett 1858-1944 to her youngest daughter Joesphine (Fiona).

From George Noble Count Plunkett 1851-1948 to his third daughter Geraldine (Gerry).