When all this is over: Poetry and the First World War – Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 11am

It will all be over one day, and what a day it will be, won’t it?

– Albert Auerbach

Award-winning poet, Jane Clarke, gives an overview of poetry from the First World War and reads from her own sequence of poems responding to one family’s experience of the war. The Mary Evans Picture Library in London invited Jane to work with the Auerbach archive of letters, photos, documents, drawings and other items which offer a unique insight into how the First World War affected the members of this one family, in particular, Albert Auerbach, who died in action in 1918, and his sister Lucy, who survived the War and lived on into the early 1970s.

Jane Clarke’s sequence, due for publication in 2019, imagines the emotional landscape of war for those at the Front and at home, tracing Albert Auerbach’s wartime journey, following him from home to battlefield to hospital with echoes from his letters and photographs, and his sister Lucy’s concurrent experiences at home. The poems explore the meaning and impact of conflict and war, bearing witness to and honouring lives lost and maimed.

Image © Mary Evans Picture Library/Patricia Aubrey Collection