We interviewed John Collins at the barracks the week before the centenary of the Ireland’s First Dáil, (Parliament) January 2019.

John’s father Con Collins was a member of the first Dáil, elected in the constituency of West Limerick in the historic 1918 election.

This is truly a fascinating insight into a family story and national history. John tells us of his father’s early politicisation, his career as a civil servant in the British civil service and his involvement in events in the run up to the 1916 Rising.

Con Collins was arrested and held here in Richmond Barracks, in K Block, room 5 after the 1916 Rising. See the note below from John O’ Connell solicitors who represented Austin Stack and Con Collins, and a section of their charge sheet makes fascinating reading. But do listen to John’s interview, it is thoughtful and personal as it goes behind the politics of the time.