Talks at Richmond Barracks – Mondays at the Mess

1st April 2019 at 11am – ‘From one War to another: Dublin 1916-1919’.Lecturer: Bernard Kelly, Dublin City Council, Historian-in-Residence, Dublin City Library and Archive

13th May 2019 at 11am – St. Ultan’s: a ground-breaking institution for its patients and staff alike!Lecturer:  Maeve Casserly, National Library of Ireland and Dublin City Council, Historian-in-Residence,

South-East area

Admission: €5 including tea/coffee and scone in the Mess Café


Musical Events at Richmond Barracks

Melodies and Memories: A Musical Tour of Richmond Barracks
(musicians: Bernie Tynan and Tony Casey)

Wednesday 27th March 2019 at 11am
Wednesday 24th April 2019 at 11am

Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 11am