The following is feedback from Pauline Scarborough who visited the Richmond Barracks exhibition centre recently:

I visited Richmond Barracks Museum during the week. I was so interested in this museum as my family had connections to it in the early 20th century. My grandfather’s family were from Old Kilmainham. Four of his sisters – Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Rose (who were called Cissie, Daisy, Lily and Birdy by the family) – married soldiers who were stationed at the barracks. We are lucky to have this¬† photo of the wedding of Cissie to Harry Jones of the Royal Hussar Regiment.
A wedding photo from the marriage of Cissie to Harry Jones of the Royal Hussar Regiment.Other family members, including my mother, aged 4, are in the photo. The bride and groom are accompanied by another couple. Sadly we don’t have any details of them. The soldiers are in full regimental uniform. It is a wonderful capture of the moment. Some of my grand aunts lived in the married quarters. Eventually the regiments went back to the UK and my grand aunts ended their days there but they often came home to visit the family in Old Kilmainham.
The museum gave me a great sense of the period.
However, that was just one aspect. The 1916 segment is brilliant.  I sat down and listened to the poignant witness statements. The visual displays detailing the importance of the barracks in that heroic Easter Week were fantastic. The quilt to the 77 Women is beautiful.
The exhibit then goes onto a more recent history, the creation of the Irish Free State and the Free State Army’s time there. Then its time as Keogh Square. I loved the tribute to the mammies of that era.

Congratulations to all concerned.