Richmond Barracks

Creative Photography for Beginners

What makes a great picture? It has much more to do with the vision of the photographer than the equipment at their disposal. 

This short series of workshops will develop your visual awareness and teach you simple techniques to instantly elevate your photography to the next level.

Class dates: Every Wednesday Evening Oct. 19 to Nov. 9 at 6.30pm

Oct. 19 - Class 1:

Composition - develop your eye

Oct. 26 - Class 2:

Light - learn to think like a photographer

Nov. 2 - Class 3:

Portraits - discover simple tips to capture genuine emotion

Nov. 9 - Class 4:

Create studio type portraits using household objects and natural light.

These workshops are suitable for everyone, young, old, beginners and more advanced enthusiasts alike will all benefit from attending. This is not a technical course. The focus is about learning to see like a photographer, think about your composition and engage with your subject.

Each workshop will  consist of a short presentation, guided discussion and an interactive activity. Participants are encouraged to complete assignments but these are entirely optional. Each class is independent of the other classes i.e. knowledge is not built up from week to week. So if you miss a class you can still get the full benefit of the other classes.

You don't need a camera to take part - if you have a camera bring it along but you don't need one. A smartphone that has a camera will be more than enough to get you started.