Richmond Barracks

In Person Book Club: ‘Apeirogon’ by Colum McCann

This May, our book clubs will read and discuss ‘Apeirogon’ by Colum McCann.

 About this month's book

Bassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. They inhabit a world of conflict that colours every aspect of their lives.

When their lives are upended, they come together and attempt to use their grief as a weapon for peace.

In this epic novel, Colum McCann crosses centuries and continents, stitching time, art, history, nature and politics into a tapestry of friendship, love, loss and belonging.

About the book clubs

The book clubs are held on the last Tuesday and Thursday of every month, one taking place online and the other in-person at Richmond Barracks. We start each session with an inclusive discussion about the current title and then have a broader discussion about what we’re reading and swap recommendations. 

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