Richmond Barracks

Mondays at the Mess: Big Jim Larkin (1874-1947)

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the passing of Jim Larkin, trade unionist and founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union. Described by Constance Markievicz as "some great primaeval force rather than a man", Larkin would shape politics in Dublin and nationally. 

During this talk Historian-in-Residence to Dublin City Council James Curry will explore the life of "Big" Jim Larkin. 

About the speaker 

James Curry is a Historian in Residence to Dublin City Council. He has produced an exhibition exploring Jim Larkin's association with the GAA, and is the author of Artist of the Revolution: The Cartoons of Ernest Kavanagh (2012) exploring the cartoonist to Larkin's newspaper The Irish Worker.

Visiting safely 

The talk will take place at Richmond barracks and you are welcome to stay for tea, biscuits and chats afterwards.

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Mondays at the Mess 

Mondays at the Mess is a series of talks at Richmond Barracks that celebrate the rich stories and experiences of the local community, past and present.