Richmond Barracks

Mondays at the Mess: A Century of Ulysses

All of Dublin life is contained within James Joyce's book Ulysses, including a passing reference to the life of Richmond Barracks: "an Inchicore tram unloaded straggling Highland soldiers of a band".

But what makes Ulysses so important, and how did it come to be? Frankie Gaffney will explore James Joyce and the book which put Dublin on the literary map.

About the speaker 

Frankie Gaffney is the author of the novel Dublin Seven (Dublin, 2012) and presenter of the Dubliners Now podcast. He teaches literature and is especially interested in language and vernacular.

Visiting us safely 

The talk will take place at Richmond barracks and you are welcome to stay for tea, biscuits and chats afterwards.

You can find out about what to expect when visiting Richmond Barracks here.

Mondays at the Mess 

Mondays at the Mess is a series of talks at Richmond Barracks that celebrate the rich stories and experiences of the local community, past and present.