Richmond Barracks

Mondays at the Mess: The Civil War in Dublin

Within a few short years of being imprisoned together in Richmond Barracks after the Easter Rising, former comrades would take up arms against each other in a Civil War. How did this Civil War come to be, and what form did it take in the capital?  John Dorney's study of the Civil War was described by Dermot Bolger as "a well researched and chilling book, this is the ultimate prophylactic against any nostalgia for that period."

About the speaker

John Dorney is an independent historian alongside being the chief editor and writer of The Irish Story website.

Visiting us safely 

The talk will take place at Richmond Barracks and you are welcome to stay for tea, biscuits and chats afterward.

You can find out about what to expect when visiting Richmond Barracks here.

Mondays at the Mess 

Mondays at the Mess is a series of talks at Richmond Barracks that celebrate the rich stories and experiences of the local community, past and present.

Image: Civil War, Four Courts in ruins, after the bombardment, July 1922. Courtesy of Dublin City Library and Archive