Spring Schedule:


Monday 5th March @ 11am

Mondays at The Mess - A Series of Talks & Lectures

Gala Days: Execution in Late Medieval Dublin 

Lecturer: Dr Áine Foley

Description: This talk will explore execution in Dublin city and county in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Public execution was the norm in the medieval period and some executions could draw large crowds.

The modern expression Gala Day is derived from the Anglo-Saxon gallows day, confirming that these were public events from a very early period. This paper will discuss where the gallows were located in Dublin,

why people were executed, as well as examining the different methods of execution used in the medieval city and county.



Monday 9th April @ 11am

Mondays at The Mess - A Series of Talks & Lectures

The Civil War in Dublin 

Lecturer: John Dorney, author of The Civil War in Dublin

The Fight for the Irish Capital 1922-1924, will discuss how the city became the site of a nine month long guerrilla war, in which over 250 people were killed and 500 wounded in the Dublin area.

While the cycle of executions, atrocities and reprisals was taking place in the city, ordinary citizens tried to get on with their daily lives.



 Monday 14th May @ 11am

Mondays at The Mess - A Series of Talks & Lectures

‘Momento mori : Post-mortem photography and child mortality in early 20th century Dublin’

Lecturer: Orla Fitzpatrick

 Since its invention in 1839, photography has been used to record and commemorate the dead. Did this happen in Dublin?

Examples are rare; however, evidence shows that the city’s photographers provided such a service. Drawing on mortality statistics, newspaper accounts and detailed case studies this talk

will examine post-mortem portraits of Dublin children who died in the early twentieth century.


Approx duration of talks: 1 hr.

Tickets cost €5.00 which includes tea/coffee & scone can be booked through Eventbrite or purchased at the door.

Surgeons, Starlets and Storytellers

Lecture by Maeve Casserly

Historian-in-Residence with Dublin City Council – South East Area

Listen to Maeve Casserly as she retraces the footsteps of the some famous (and not so famous) women of Dublin’s South-East area. Delve into the interesting world of the women who lived and worked in this historically rich area. From Dr. Kathleen Lynn’s home practice in Rathmines to the stained glass studio of An Túr Gloine founded by Sarah Purser in Ringsend – and everything in between!