Richmond Barracks

Community Environmental Group Discussion

Colm O'Regan Inchicore Environmental Group, will be MC and lead out the discussion.

Climate Action + Social Inclusion = The Just Transition. 

How can residents and community organisations lead the just transition? There is huge commitment from our communities to step up climate, environmental and sustainable actions but it is not always clear what this means in practice and how these focused activities can be resourced. Join our panel of inspirational community organisations and social/enterprises to hear different ways our communities are putting the climate crisis at the centre of their missions and lets brainstorm on how together we can overcome obstacles. We can also discuss the actions are being taken by governments, businesses and individuals and what good sustainability look like in practice. We are hoping to build a network where we can share information and ideas from our own experiences and how we can make change in our neighbourhoods and lives. 

We will be asking you to consider in advance:  

What are the 3 things locals can do to solve anxiety about climate change? 

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: how can we motivate people to get moving and engaged in change?  How do we bring like minded people together who are passionate about the climate & environment - but have limited time to engage? 

HARVEST: What does harvest mean to you? 


Revolution Farm & Kitchen

Focus on food waste and aims to find a better use for common organic residues and showcase the possibility of low impact, urban food production. Their retrofitted container grows oyster mushrooms using spent coffee grounds. Revolution Ragù and Revolution Chilli are vegan versions of classic family meals substituting meat or soy for their own fresh oyster mushrooms. 

Pocket Forests 

Reconnect people with nature through education workshops to rejuvenate soil and grow native trees, shrubs and woodland flowers to bring a forest ecosystem to your community. They make forests in small spaces, creating small biodiverse forests in urban areas whilst using recycled materials to prepare the ground.  

Cherry Orchard Community Garden

A Social Enterprise that grows fresh seasonal produce using traditional gardening techniques and they do not use any artificial fertilisers. Their product range includes salad, kale, spinach, cherry tomatoes as well as a wide variety of herbs and a whole lot more. They’re passionate about sustainable, healthy, locally grown food that’s good for the neighbourhood and good for the planet. 

The Grass Roots Guild

A social enterprise supporting environmental action at community level and it aims to deliver hands-on, practical projects that help voluntary groups boost their local impact. They do this by helping groups to partner with local business, collaborate with likeminded organisations and measure the impact of their work thus successfully harnessing the reach and multiplier effect of volunteer groups and creating interconnected ecosystem supports that help restore wildlife habitats in their area, and those of neighbouring groups. 

Global Action Plan

Focus is on environmental education and professional training, led by a national team of scientists and expert facilitators. GAPs goal is to inspire and support everyone throughout Ireland to take practical steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


 The Discussion will last one hour, 1pm to 2pm, Sunday 25th September in the Keogh Square Room in Richmond Barracks.