Richmond Barracks


Following from last year’s memorable Samhain Stage Event – undertaken with the support of Dublin City Council and a set of local partner organisations – this year KIN is advancing a trilogy of Samhain Events in 2022, 2023 and 2024.


This years Samhain is in its foundation phase, where we set a framework for the overall cultural journey for the years ahead and look to achieve ever deepening levels of engagement, co-design and performance, with both local artists and community / youth organisations and educational bodies.

So do visit the Harvest Festival where KIN / Samhain will host a drop in and information share – in a dedicated room – from 3pm onwards.

Learn more about our gathering community members of all ages and backgrounds for one of the most ancient of Irish rituals – where preparatory workshops, prop and costume making, dance, street parade, music, pyrotechnics, and collective outpourings of songs and
shrieks combine to lift spirits and induce wonder and laughter to beat the band.

We would love you to get involved.

Information about what is being planned and on how you might like to engage with the
development of the Samhain Event will be explored in an informal and purposeful manner