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1916 Executions Walking Tours

1916 Executions guided walking tour from Richmond Barracks to Kilmainham Gaol

The execution of the 1916 leaders was an important moment in the history of Richmond Barracks, it was here the court martial took place. To acknowledge and highlight the history, our tour guides are offering eight free guided walking tours in May, the same month the executions took place.

Execution dates:

3 May 1916: Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh 

4 May 1916: Joseph Plunkett, Edward Daly, Michael O'Hanrahan and Willie Pearse

5 May 1916: John MacBride

8 May 1916: Éamonn Ceannt, Michael Mallin, Seán Heuston and Con Colbert

12 May 1916: Seán Mac Diarmada and James Connolly

1916 Execution Walks

Join our tour guides to commemorate the life of the leaders of the Easter Rising: Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh, Joseph Plunkett, Edward Daly, Michael O'Hanrahan, Willie Pearse, John MacBride, Éamonn Ceannt, Michael Mallin, Seán Heuston, Con Colbert, Seán Mac Diarmada and James Connolly.

You'll walk in the footsteps of the 1916 leaders as they went to their deaths in Kilmainham Gaol following a cursory court-martial at Richmond Barracks. Along the way, you will hear of local poets and poetry. You'll also learn about the police and military riot on Emmet Road during the 1913 lock-out and how six young lads from Inchicore fought for democracy in the Spanish Civil War. Our guides will also tell you of the malevolent doings of the Sham Squire and how ‘Carey told on Skin the Goat’.

Each tour lasts approximately one hour and 15 minutes. The tour begins at Richmond Barracks and ends at Ronan Gillespie’s evocative sculpture commemorating those executed in Stonebreaker's Yard.

Please note that this tour does not include a visit inside Kilmainham Gaol.

Tour dates and times:

Posted 23 April 2024
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