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Mondays at The Mess: 'Bloody Sunday, 21st November 1920'

Our Mondays at the Mess talk 'Bloody Sunday, 21st November 1920: Assassination, massacre and reprisal' with John Dorney is now available to watch.

The 21st of November 1920 saw an unprecedented eruption of violence in Dublin in the Irish War of Independence. During this talk John Dorney explores that day over 100 years later.

About the speaker 

John Dorney is an independent historian, editor of the website The Irish Story and author of; 'Peace After the Final Battle the Story, the story of Irish Revolution 1912-1924' (2014, reprinted 2020) and the Civil War in Dublin the fight for the Irish Capital 1922-24 (2017). 

Mondays at the Mess 

Mondays at the Mess is a series of talks at Richmond Barracks that celebrate the rich stories and experiences of the local community, past and present.

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Posted 28 March 2022
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