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Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair is this weekend

Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair: Celebrating the creativity of women, spring, Brigit, and St Brigid's Day

February 3rd and 4th | 11 am - 5 pm | Admission Free

Celebrate the beginning of spring, new growth and new creation at Richmond Barracks during our two-day St. Brigid's Day Fair, taking place on Saturday, February 3rd, and Sunday, February 4th, from 11 am to 5 pm at Richmond Barracks, Inchicore, Dublin 8. Beyond a traditional market, our fair invites you to engage in creative and fun activities, try something new, and discover what we do at Richmond Barracks.

This fair will celebrate all things Brigit and Brigid. It will particularly celebrate the impact of women in business and products that empower women and girls. It will also support enterprises with a strong focus on women in enterprise.

What awaits you at the Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair:

Stalls: Shop in our market, which showcases the talent of women in business, offering a selection of goods and products inspired by the spring season.

Workshops: Participate in family-friendly workshops that blend fun and learning. Engage in crafting and design activities to celebrate the season.

Tours: Join one of our free guided walks. You can tour Goldenbridge Cemetry - Ireland's first garden cemetery - or learn about local history on our Richmond Barracks to Kilmainham Goal tour.

Food and Drink: Savour the season's flavours with our selection of vendors offering locally sourced food and drinks.

Entertainment: Enjoy performances by talented artists and musicians, creating a lively atmosphere throughout both days of the Fair.

Inchicore Library: The library will be closed, but members can use their library card to access the self-service library facilities.

Free Admission: Entry to the Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair and all workshops are free. Bring your family, friends, and curiosity for a day of exploration and discovery. Furry friends are welcome, too.

The Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair is more than just a market; it's an invitation to learn, engage, and explore. Step inside and be part of a community celebration that goes beyond shopping. Discover the culture, history, and creativity that Richmond Barracks has to offer.

Let your curiosity guide you through our doors this February, and let your experiences create lasting memories.

Please click this link for additional information and updates about the Richmond Barracks St. Brigid's Day Fair.

Posted 01 February 2024
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