Richmond Barracks

Richmond Barracks Summer Fair 2024

Richmond Barracks Summer Fair 2024

Dates: Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 May 2024

Admission: FREE

Join us for a weekend dedicated to creativity and sustainability at the Richmond Barracks Summer Fair. See how old things can be made new again, with a focus on upcycling, recycling, and reusing. You’ll find everything from unique crafts and designs to mouthwatering food.

Richmond Barracks is a hub for bringing people together and enriching the community through culture. This Summer Fair is all about celebrating that spirit, offering a variety of activities suitable for everyone, no matter your age. Get creative in our artist-led workshops, explore local history with free walks to Kilmainham Gaol, or take a guided tour of Goldenbridge Cemetery.

Our beautiful garden is the ideal spot for a family day out, and we haven’t forgotten about your pets – they’re welcome too! Plus, you can enjoy tasty treats from our food and drink vendors set up in the garden.

Don’t miss out on a weekend full of fun, learning, and community spirit!

Brought to you by Dublin City Council Culture Company

May's Summer Fair at Richmond Barracks spotlights food, design, and crafting, marking the second in a series of fairs for 2024, brought to you by Dublin City Council Culture Company. These quarterly fairs celebrate the quality and creativity of small businesses, craftspeople, makers, and social enterprises abundant in the local area, promoting culture, creativity, and conversation. Through the Culture Company’s Culture Connects @ Richmond Barracks programme, there will be opportunities for people to attend cultural/creative workshops during the fairs and learn about our annual programme for repeat visits for other cultural and creative adventures.

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Summer Fair 2023

Posted 15 May 2024
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