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Winter Lights wins in Collaborative Design at the IDI Awards 2021

We’re delighted to share the news that five animated artworks from Dublin City Council's Winter Lights 2020 have won an Institute of Design in Ireland (IDI) Award 2021 in the Collaborative Design category. A group of participants from the Over-55s Movement Group in Richmond Barracjs

Winter Lights is a Dublin City Council initiative that illuminates buildings across the city for the month of December every evening and has become a key feature of the city’s Christmas event calendar. In 2020, Dublin City Council Culture Company paired artists with community groups to create artworks for five of the locations.

The Culture Company and the artists worked closely with the groups over several months, listening to their interests, wishes and stories to help bring them to life

The four creatives, Aoife McAtamney (dance choreographer), Alan Dunne (illustrator), Helen Barry (a design educator and visual creative), and Ben Readman (visual artist) worked with diverse Dublin based community groups such as inner city education services, nursing homes, schools and participants from Culture Company projects. Artistic Director and lead designer Steve Mac Devitt worked closely with the four artists and groups, to create the vibrant artworks which reflected the experiences, resilience and creativity of the people who call Dublin home.

These animations, with their messages of hope and positivity lit up the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Civic Office Wood Quay, The Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, City Hall and the Mater Hospital for the month of December.

Collaborative design

The IDI Collaborative Design Award recognises an extended team of creatives working together from different disciplines. Collaboration is at the heart of the Culture Company so we are delighted the project has received this recognition. These artworks, created by Dubliners for Dublin fostered connection through the cultural experience of the projects.

Lead artist on the project Steve MacDevitt commented “For the participants there was a huge sense of ownership and being able to give to their city, the art pieces created by Dubliners for Dublin gave a huge sense of pride. For many it was their first creative endeavour ever, several said they had never taken part in anything like it before ….. They felt represented in the city, were delighted with the end pieces”

Speaking about the project, Iseult Byrne Dublin City Council Culture Company CEO said:

Through our work we try to connect people and communities through culture and conversation, as we know that when people feel connected to their communities they feel safer and stronger, and are healthier.

“We are delighted the participants and the artists have won this award for their hard work” she continues “This project was a wonderful opportunity to include the voices of the people of Dublin in a significant way, to shine a light on them, their ideas and their creativity. And in such a public way. There is something transformative about seeing something you have made being projected onto a major building in your city centre."

City Hall

Illustrator Alan Dunne created an illustrated graphic novel of the nursing home residents.

Civic Offices

Artist Helen Barry and HACE created a shadow puppet story of a Dublin Christmas in the pandemic.

Hugh Lane Gallery

Stephen Mac Devitt and Synge Street transition year students created a geometric Christmas tree for the Hugh Lane Gallery inspired by Harry Clarke and Sean Scully’s work.

Mater Hospital

Ben Readman and the National Neighbourhood group created a four minute animation of the season in the city that brightened the Mater Hospital’s exterior with colour.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Aoife McAtamney and participants from the Richmond Barracks Over-55s Movement Group created a 4-minute dance piece filmed and animated by Stephen Mac Devitt.

The winners of the IDI Awards 2021 were announced at an online ceremony on 11 November 2021, and awards were presented on 24 November.

Winter Lights is a Dublin City Council initiative. The new artworks presented as part of Winter Lights 2020 were created as part of Dublin City Council Culture Company’s creative engagement programme.

With thanks

The artworks have been combined into an animation which will be available to view soon. It is dedicated to all the participants, care-workers and facilitators (including David Walsh from Hollybrook Lodge) whose creativity, imagination and honesty contributed to the creation of artworks for Winter Lights 2020.

With a special mention for those who have sadly passed since the making of this project. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and lighting up our city in the most inspiring way.

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Posted 01 December 2021
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